I’m goin to Acapulco….

Montana: Wild Horses

A shot I told leaving my grandparents place on the Cheyenne Reservation

grandpa’s new baby we had to

Chase off the highway

bye Montana

The sting from a cold front could only be bandaged with hot foreign tea.

Good conversation.

Tomorrow marks the year of the tiger. Meat. Red. Good thoughts

Preparing to venture and await what this new calendar holds for us.

Flashback of an empty jail cell waiting on the details of champagne, beer

and good times.

Realized I did die in Denver. We all died.

We’re all dying.

-Riverton 2009

My welcome party to Riverton Wyoming

Week of travel in Wyoming

Back to the 303!

The dnote Show

Sarah From Paper Bird Serenading the crowd

Favorite Band in the world.

If you don’t know them you should


My return to Cali and my view waiting for a ride

First day back watching surfers waiting. J.R. on the far left.

Last shot of the day J.R. tearin it up Goodbye school break


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