Bonnaroo 2010

19 hours of driving.
15 hours of partying in a Wal Mart parking lot.
4 hours in line for Bonnaroo.
Guy with a gun. Dudes with feathers.
Southern Gentlemen. Flaming Lips.
Phoenix. Beer beer beer. Stolen Bag.
Baby hot dogs. Lawn chair. Floaties.
Porta Pottys. Squirt gun.
Jammin with the Friends next door.
Missin Beach Scum. Broke my phone at the Water Mushroom.
100,000+ people. 1 Death. Random Beerpong table.
Bathroom urinals. Stepping in puddles. Drugs. Avatar.
PAUL. “I think you dropped this” (middle finger).
Passing out. Balloons. Trees. Leaving.
19 hour driving.
Not showering for 7 days. Showering and feeling awesome.

I love you Bonnaroo. See you next year.


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