Meditation has been a fairly new experience in my life and has helped with my anxiety. First it was mildly self taught through self help books and stories I’ve heard. Being had graced with a few instructed-guided meditation in the past month. Learning more about my spirituality before hand was a much needed necessity. It had always been there, but where had it been. One excercise I was taken through started with relaxing my whole body while sitting comfortably in a chair. Think of a color, I pictured red landscapes then proceded to a yellow landscape. This setting soon turned into a rolling grain field. As I sat upon a hill leaning against a tree, I quietly observe my surroundings. The next color was violet and I watched the sun setting with blue colors and sat peaceful as the full moon perched on my left, pushing the shadows right. No planes or signs of life anywhere. The rolling hills part to form the ocean. I was to depict a setting where I felt total serenity. When I lived in waialua,HI, I remember a night I had taken an evening stroll to the beach. The full moon sat high and the sounds of the beach were so calming. I sat and reflected on my life and was taken by how the full moon bounced light water mixing with the sand. The surreal setting seemed like a dream. As I was meditating it wasn’t hard to physically feel like I was there. Aquiring this visual stage presented such a great peace of mind. Finally a spot to present my thoughts and organize the ones that I am capable of releasing . After I finished my meditation, one thing that came to mind. I treat life like a messy room and then clean it by cramming all the negative stuff into the closets. The closet fills up, breaking the door pouring out the negative aspects of my life. By trying to get rid of the past it came back messier than ever. Organizing my room seems to be a better option. I can never change the past nor deal with it, but keep it there as just a thought in the chaos of today. I’ve learned to listen through meditation.


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