As I observe the streets of St. Paul, I can’t help but wonder how many footprints reside in the asphalt. Noticing the imperfections of the paved avenue, the cracks paint a picture of how old this area is. In comparing my surroundings to my life, I take into consideration my own cracks and imperfections. These hold the character to what I am today. Perfection would make things look very infalible and too clean cut. Trying to patch the holes to fast without the right materials. Wondering each day which direction seems more plausible and comfortable. Trying to control my direction, I feel more lost, without realizing that sometimes we don’t except our environment. Sometimes “the now” had never been good enough for me. Does this mean that we do not accept ourselves sometimes? Are we afraid to except others that walk amongst us? If we understand these imperfections we begin to understand ourselves. In the end, don’t be afraid to look up and except the world. You might find happiness.

Listening to: Son House – “Death Letter”


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