Old film….

I was on chase jarvis’s site the other day he posted a blog about finding old rolls of film. He had recovered film from an old 8mm bolex that was shot ten years prior. Then the footage was developed and Jarvis expressed the feeling of bringing back memories. This reminded me that I still have prints and rolls to develop, some in Cali and some in Colorado. So, the biggest thing I respect about shooting film is the anticipation of getting your work back. Digital photography is so instantly gratifyng when it comes to shooting. So in return, builds resilience like a old scottish whore. Don’t get me wrong digital is awesome, but the quality vs. quantity cliché comes to mind. If I can afford it, I will always use film.

Now, daily inspiration becomes a necessity for me to constantly create some type of art. Relying on my peers and influences is key to running a smooth operation. Today was the biggest breakthrough of inspiration that has occured in a couple years. The fortunate product was a blog about this man who had bought hundreds of undeveloped film at an house auction. Vivian Maker was the name of the pehotographet who had all these lifelong exposures. Turns out she had some of the best street photography the world had every seen. Now this man is uncovering this womans life day by day. After years of uncovering the visual artifacts, a few hundred rolls are still need of being developed. When I discovered this blog it amazed me how this lady went her whole life without unveiled these photos, becoming a legendary photographer. This story has so many levels of inspiration. I suggest you check some her work because it is incredible.



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