Have you felt the kiss of god?





My philosophies on the concept of god are my own business. As I leave you with your own opinions. The only experience with a catholic church was growing up on the Crow reservation. Church and god were things I only dealt with on sundays as a child. As young as I was I mostly observed the amazing lighting that moved through the church. Stained glass windows threw in some interesting color concepts. The way we humanize god was awfully awkward and jesus made that idea very real for most people. In the present day I find myself walking past a cathedral in downtown St. Paul. I had never been to a cathedral of such great heights. Its amazing how these structures had such a huge impact on me. Walking through each row inside this quiet place, I find interest in the religious aspects involved and people dealing with the sorrows. Recently, I’ve been educating myself on buddhism. I find not one difference in either religion(catholic). The young buddhist prince in his late twenties found himself in sorrow. So his ideals in the world were so far ahead of society and still have the same thoughts today. One thing about that concept of god is that it does exist. Religion and god to me are two seperate things. In a recent meeting I had heard the notions under what an atheist bases his life on. Then to hear an arguing christian man plead the case of right or wrong. This paradigm I have seen a million times. Neither are wrong and neither are right. Sometimes listening is a better form of understanding. The point is that I stand in this room standing next to someone who doesn’t believe in god. But he will admit there is something there that we all feel. It is not me and anyone else who can tell him what that is. Spirituality is in everything and love is in all of us.


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