Meditation…. Walking, not talking in my head

I noticed a sure praise of independence lately. Utterly broke, nothing to do but read, encountering the stormy last months of winter. In recent years these environment traits would push me in a hole and I would be struggling for some time to get back to the top.  It would surprise me on how I had done it before. Anyways, my thoughts have kept quiet for the past week and feel a grace period to save my creative energy. Things from the past got me here and I find that expressing those great times in my life through writing have organized the clutter. Reality is more apparent to what sort of ambitions are actually plausible. Each step I take lately is a grateful reminder of where I could have been.

I would have drowned in my own:

That great body of water pushed me
Back to land to walk in the progressive
Cities I wind up in.

Within the meditation aspects of living I seem to enjoy everything as it comes. It is good be alive and not be caught up in the facebook realities.

Listening to: Soulsavers – “Revival”


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