Mountain Man March Day 13

I moved away from home out to Cali about 3 years ago. I have traveled to Hawaii for a bit and currently reside in St. Paul. Over the years I have met some amazing people and continue to do so today. Life is an amazing gift that some take for granted. I appreciate each day I wake up because sending a positive and loving message out to the world is something I truly enjoy. With all of the terror and destruction in this world going on today, I feel myself missing my friends and family. Knowing everyone is okay makes my heart grow. I am grateful to have to people in my life that have gotten me to this point sitting on my bed meditating. This video was one of the songs I had listened to on my travels and realize that it is very hard to be away from everyone. I have no regrets in my life and the path I am on is a great one, who knows where I’ll end up next. So this is for everyone letting you know that I cherish you all. Great songs for mounatin man march as well.

Love Sure Dude


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