The Growlers + 7th Ave. Minneapolis, MN



For some time while living in California I thought that I would never see a show by Costa Mesa based band The Growlers.
I remember after listening to albums with my beachscum friends that this band really shaped the group of these individuals.
So as soon as the band had added a Minnesota show to their trip I had no other option but to attend. Watching the Growlers was
everything and then some of how I expected them to perform. Different, Loud, Catchy, Humorous and drunk. Who could have asked for more. I had a chance to chat with Brooks Nielsen and discuss Videos, future tour plans, Ventura <california where I had spent some of the best years of my life, some how talked about Dane Reynolds tearin in up and the vision of the growlers.
We might be encountering some of the last real rock n rollers of our time, with a huge underground following who knows
what the future hold for them. Check out there music at: