Philip Carlton + Blatant Abuse of Artistic Liscense

With the cold weather barring down on my ability to stay outside, art shows are where I find my shelter from the potential hypothermia. Today I had the pleasure of freeloading my visual spirit at Philip Carltons studio in west Saint Paul. What really caught my attention was the ninja turtle iconic portrayals from my childhood. Cartlons speculation of our generation in that buying art on bigger scale might have to result in smaller prints which I am fully down to spend some cash on. Maybe in my financial prime I could see myself buying an original. Anyways, Philip will be anticipating a gallery showing in January. More info. below:

Blatant Abuse of Artistic License
New Paintings by Philip Carlton

Friday, Jan. 6th 7-11pm
Echo Arts

275 East 4th street,
suite b200,
Saint Paul, MN 55101