DOSH + Late Duster + Mike Lewis

after not playing for over 6 years, the original members of Late Duster assemble for one night at the Cedar Cultural center. The band had asked me to shoot some photos for this special event. Brian Olson had been flown out from his current city in San Francisco and has been excited to play this show for quite sometime. As I arrived, Brian and Mike had been unloading their equipment. I patiently awaited as the chairs had been slowly filling up. It had been a couple months since the last Dosh show and with my first experience with Mike Lewis joining, it was worth the wait. Since my time in the twin cities this past year, the music scene seems to keep me on my toes with all the collaborations with all these great artists. I feel apart of the community the more I reside in the cities. The respect for these musicians is more then what I could write, so here are some shots from the night.