Head for the Hills – Cedar Cultural Center


So I’ve been experimenting with black and whites the past few days and what a great opportunity then to shoot some photos of my Colorado friends Head for the Hills. When I arrived they had already been playing so I stepped right up to shoot some photos and there had been a seven foot gap from the stage to the crowd, so it made shooting photos very easy. Soon after the audience decided to join in and started doing the bluegrass dance I have never been able to describe, but I love it. Anyways after there set I got a chance to catch up with the guys backstage, Joe seemed to entertain the group quite well. I did a little Snoop Dogg photo-esque shoot with joe which had me cracking up. Whiskey Blanket is also hosting a host in Winona, Mn tonight and I recommend not to miss. It was great having some good Colorado Bluegrass for the night. Check out the photos for the night and let me know what you think. Check out some links to their website and be sure to add the on Facebook.