Sorry I’ve been neglecting my blog lately. It is due to the fact I am in a transition period with my equipment and I am in the process of redesigning my website. In the next coming months I hope to finish some video projects in Minneapolis. For the time being I found some submission videos to ANW4 from some homies back in Colorado. I used to roll with these guys back in the day and tried some parkour for a bit from Apex Movement instructor Amos Galileo Rendao who resides in Boulder Colorado. This collective group of individuals have embarked on many trips out west to compete in the Ninja Warrior trials and each year someone develops further into the show. Rendao taught me to practice one technical aspects of this sport each day and to set a simple goal and accomplish whatever it was and improve the next day. I have learned more from Amos then anyone I have ever known and if you happen to see him out and about I suggest you acquire some enlightenment from him. It is wild to see the progression my friend has made over the years and I wish him the best of luck on this years submission. here are some links to get more involved with this evolving sport.!/ApexMovement