Lonely New York

As I spent most of the day dodging millions of people, through the subway, on the train, down the street, through the park and in the bathrooms. I tried to find subjects that displayed some sort of solitude through out the many faces of New York. My first experience in the big city has definitely intrigued my eye for street photography. I was thinking about my experience shooting street photography in the Twin Cities and how I would contribute to defining the look of Minnesotans. After my return I spent a day helping my buddy Rich clean up his place and he showed me this Taxi driver/photographer David Bradford and gave me some more well needed inspiration after the fact.

check out David Bradford at:



One thought on “Lonely New York

  1. You managed to capture New York in a enigmatic way, Love the way you shoot, it creates a mood and a story within the picture you see. I find the lonely in New York an interesting conundrum, having been there twice you can literally be alone while participating in the mass of humanity. That always fascinated me, great job.

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