HHC: Roads of Fun

Never in my right mind would I have ever thought that a Texan, would be holding his thumb out to hitch a ride for a twenty something native gentlemen (me) to watch a post psychedelic rock festival in the Lone Star state. A written off reaction would have permitted me from believe that it was a close reality. Austin Psych Fest 2012 bound in a nutshell would have probably made a better title but who is reading these anyways. Late April 2012, My roommate Sam Epps and I had embarked on such a trip from Saint Paul, MN to Austin,TX and a very unplanned trip I must add, except for the: ticket purchase, packed bag and my heart for seeing our favorite bands play in one venue. A week prior to leaving I had suggested that we hitch hike out to Austin and see this damn thing, with a very stressed outlook weghing down my shoulders. Partly, I had wanted to do a trip like this since reading Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac and figured if he can do it so can I. So, about Half way through Iowa it seemed that we would never complete our journey in enough time but the more we gave up, the more people would advance our travels. Ways to pass the time included flicking 6o+ ticks off our bodies, screaming at random live stock, watching Sam chain smoke and me quietly going crazy after a 2 year smoke free run. Some advice to getting a ride would include: I don’t know, stupid funny signs, cartwheels, look super sexy, also giving up seemed to do the job as well and finally pure ambition to get to Austin. At some point it really boils down to the “nowness”- (Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche) and connecting with your traveling companion and the element of being on the side of the road continuing on to the next place. We found fellow travelers nesting at certain times and we reviewed many faces of despair til we gained the mental energy to keep going. The Midwest isn’t for everyone but I trusted that some how we could make it so far. Some honest advice would entail to do some soul searching at some point in your life. Get off the phone, don’t miss moments in your life in a tweet, share it with those around you, talk about what makes you tick, laugh, be yourself, grow with one another, because in this generation it is a rare thing to be so content with where we are at. I love to freeze these moments to share with the world, but no one but me can reflect on how the opportunities that I do not pass up, make me feel and how I am adding to this experience before death. I started by accepting right now and I hope you do as well. Thank you