Vacant Venue: Temples

Usually the Vacant Venue series I do are surrounded around a video/photos to boast about the scene and current shows. Last night after the Growlers set, I was approached by two girls that had been to my old job and heard me playing a Growlers record during our downtime hours. Anyways, I was very grateful that the encounter had such an impact on these foxy mommas and their need for an outlet for great music coming through the twin cities. It was unnerving that the few shows I had been to the past couple weeks were really hurting for more of a crowd. Yet the fans that had showed up to the venue were very die hard, the bands in fact played their hearts out as if opening up for the Rolling Stones in ’78. In particular, I feel that publications like City Pages outline the current shows and write awesome articles but fail to produce the promotion for shows that need it. So for a new setting on my blog, will feature new bands to set up music listeners to view a whole different music scene outside-in for shows that I think should be seen.

This week I give it up to Neo-psych duo Temples from the U.K. scene. All I really know about this band is that they’ve had very few blurbs circulating around on the net and I highly anticipate them playing Austins Psych fest in 2013. They had four songs on youtube that were current taken down and we are now left with one single track. As for now I would only suggest seeking any other track you can find through out the internet as they are showing up here and there. You can view this as being done before or just another BJM band riding the coat tails of the psych scene, but they do it well and none the less with two people so I give them some sort of credit. As for them ever traveling through I would make it a point to stock up some listening time before they start heading out through the Midwest. So then we can show the U.K. that we aren’t a bunch of pussies waiting for someone to show some sort of interest at a show. Hell, even with all the Howler buzz going on over there we could show some sort of effort at bringing these bands out here. Not that I truly love Howler and believe what they are doing here is amazing, but they’ve taken what’s been done in the twin cities for years and catered to the right people. Anyways, Below is the youtube track: