Vacant Venue: WRONG CROWD!

This post is so cursed. I’ve written this 4 time all ready and it keeps disappearing. Anyways KC band WRONG CROWD! was introduced to me earlier today on my way to the local coffee shop. My buddy mentioned they had broken up with a vague reason as to why it had happened. First off, I fucking love this band and secondly Fuck Them for not playing any shows through the Midwest. I know there are a lot of similar bands like this now, but its good to know that the KC scene had something to offer in this area of psych rock. I really dig the subtle rockabilly type of psych music as it blends a good ratio of heel to floor kick from a hand to lap tap. I would give them a Quick listen, maybe even a yay or nay response. As I do not have any picture of the band and would like to veer from copyright laws. So, here is a picture I took of a four Loko on the ground.