Thee oh sees + Turf Club

I have to apologize in advance for not taking any photos as per usual(Camera Phone Picture above). Just because I knew I’d be going ape shit during this show and would rather enjoy and in hale the experience and regurgitate it out to you, “the reader”. So now I must visualize the internal photos with my wits and put’em down. Lately I’ve being in the rough spot with taking photos at live shows and I’m a little burnt out, but this does not mean I will stop, just on a hiatus. Anyways THEE Oh SEES! , Ty Segall, Trin Tran has to be the best show witnessed by yours truly this year in the twin cities. Not to say that this was the only good show but definitely a bias, highly anticipated opinion of this show. My first experience with THEE OH SEES! Was a last minute lineup spot to Austin Psych Fest in April 2012. The only songs I had really dug into was the help! Album and since they were on the bill I had to check them out. Before the show I did my Austin psych ritual of the pre-show piss, snag a red bull, and peruse the merch. At one point I ended up semi talking to some French girls trying to figure out how to work the water fountain, at this time the energy that had been built up protruded through the crowd as THEE OH SEES Began to take stage. From then on missing a show by them would be extremely blasphemous. So when they had a show in the twin cities I swooped up a ticket along with a sold-out mass. I must say that the show-goers definitely surprised me as far as the Psych Garage rock movement going around the country and had seen a packed show and how the scene has gravitated towards this type of music.

So, as Trin Tran took the stage he had some crazy contraptions surrounding him and his instrument’s. This one-man band definitely warmed the crowd and I assume provided a better environment than his basement. This Wisconsin based band was a definite adaptation to the weirdness of the show. It sounded like Devo playing the soundtrack to a shitty sinister Nintendo level with the TV speakers blown-out . Which is not saying it wasn’t a bad show it actually sounded amazing. As I got a good spot up front and listened I couldn’t help but think how much he looked like Lain Glenn from Game of Thrones.

As he finished up his set we all showed our gratitude and cheered for sharing his musical talents. Then Ty segall was next and I’ve been waiting to see him play all year long. I had missed him with White Fences earlier this year at first avenue and like an idiot I forgot to take work off for the occasion. Many people gave me mixed reviews about what was in store for my curious little brain. A friend had shown me photos of Segalls pitchfork slot this past July and it looked like a good time. Some tidbits I know about Ty segall is that he is from orange county and has an extensive list of label ties which include: Goner, Wizard Mountain, CastleFace(THEE OH SEES LABEL), Chocolate Covered, Goodbye Boozy, Drag City, and Burger Records. When I talked to the growlers a week prior they were bumpin’ his shit recently and seemed to Pretty excited about his progress as a SoCal act. Once he got up on stage he had a pretty rad set-up with a couple vintage amps each and they were rocking some pretty sweet vintages guitars. I couldn’t tell if they were Mexican strats or silver tones, which can produce, some pretty dirty tones. Anyways, As they loaded their guitars and amplified the room it loosen the onlookers. It sounded immediately better than envisioned, probably a little louder than expected too. Between songs Ty had a chance to scream back and forth to the some fans and mention his last show on THEE OH SEES tour. At this point I had been watching the whole band build up enough energy to transition us into the final act. However, I did get a chance to shoot some horrible phone video footage.

As for being inspired by John Dwyers sound, I had to view his setup. So I rolled over to the left side of the stage and would persisted to geek out. First thing to noticed wis his Roland Space echo which I’ve never seen and two small beat up cab stacked side to side and a p.a. speaker above his setup. So the group that I was with had been forewarned about Dwyers’ tendency to spit during his show, but trying to explain that its more of a salivating, slobber sesh was hard as the pack moved further back. As a highly anticipated show I didn’t really mind where I was going to end up in the crowd and as the they took the stage we waited patiently John made nice gestures to the sound guy. Here is a quick clip of them beginning there set. Sorry to cut it off but I hope it gave you a good tease as to what you missed:

As they started the whole crowd immediately started dancing and screaming. It was safe to say the show did have only one sweaty bro (Rather than a whole gang) with his shirt off making it more of an enjoyable time. There was the usually super skinny small wasted kid roaming in the crowd not making any sense and at one point fell face first into the floor (I remember my first beer). Honestly I was quite scared of this little chick going hardcore into the crowd and at her height my side seems to take a beating. I loved this very tall dude that didn’t really dance but contorted his body in a way hard for me to describe. So at one point, I believe it was the girl who later on got taken out by a stage diver, she had launched the small (SCARY) hardcore chick into my hands and I held her for a second trying to not throw her in a direction with no people. It would suck being that asshole that lobbed the tiny girl in the wrong direction. Through out the show no one had let up until the very last song of their encore. These guys definitely did not disappoint. Probably the loudest show I‘ve ever been too. After two days I find myself yelling around the house. Another clip of the band going crazy on stage.


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