Finding Ourselves: The Process

a few months ago I was at a party with a new friend Brian(Above) that my roommate Sam(Last Photo) worked with. At the time they had disgust planning a trip to the boundary waters in northern Minnesota.
Late that week sitting in my room, Sam had approached me asking if I would like to join him on the planning. as I am always up for anything, but in the moment of his excitement I could give a rats ass as to what I was signing up for. As I gathered my thoughts about the boundary water trip and looked at various books and blogs about the north country then I begin to feel a sense of missing this place already before I had even gone on the journey. Some back story of some places I’ve been i.e. Colorado, Montana, California and Hawaii it was rewarding to find something that Minnesota had to offer other then the cold weather, coffee shops, collapsing stadiums and cheese curds. It was sort of my purpose to why I was in this odd state for so long.

First part of this is the planning, by which we read forums, pulled in our past experiences in our
venues of travel. I couldn’t help but think about growing up in Montana and taking trips as a teenager to Black Canyon. We were always prepared for anything, at one point be were stuck on windy point in the dead winter trying to shovel out an Old Samurai Suzuki my brother Curt had bought. It had occurred to me at some point in my existence these experiences had faded from me and my soul had become ungrateful for having the opportunity to be out in the country at a young age.

Once you take that vibe away from a human being it tends to burn lightly before I find myself
dumping gasoline all over it. Living in the city takes its toll mental, physically and spiritually and so very often we have opportunities to exist with our surroundings. As the days approached for our departure we spent hours accumulating nicknacks and food sacks. Hosing down our clothes with the proper repellents. So for now I will concluded our first portion with the process of getting ready.