Friendgiving aka BensGiving

About a couple months ago I got an invite for a few people to hangout for Thanksgiving. As I was

not sure where I would be at the time I felt myself becoming very indecisive about confirming.

As the days progressed and did the invites, I thought why not join in and soon became in charge

of the paper plates.

As the day showed its face I found myself very unprepared and as my buddy and  new neighbor

Mike called me to hangout before of friendly giving.

We searched the streets of Minneapolis for our last minute shopping and soon fell short.

Until we headed to the co-op to save our “procrastination” and saw some odd sights(poopbag) in the parking

lot that hardly welcomed any type of food into my belly.

Anyways, we made it!

And to our surprise it was packed with local shoppers getting in the last few items.

I know I can always count on the co-op to provide efficient food for our communities.

Next stop Milwaukee street which has a column of houses that apparently were built in the late 1800’s

for a low-income community for immigrants. The community fought to keep the district around

the end of World War II and managed to turn it into a historical site.

As the sun peaked out for a bit I couldn’t help but enjoy this time of year and dwell on how amazing

the weather has been lately.

Tangent: Random sign saying “Please No Snow Here” caught my eye. I

thought of it might be a sign for GOD or something and how courteous of them

to ask nicely. Then an older lady asked me why I was taking a picture of the sign and I answered

accordingly and went on my way (awkward).

On our way back Home we stopped by the Edmond’s household to drop some stuff off. I might

add that this is such an amazing family and the kids remind me of little hobbits and I love the way

the house is setup.

For the next few hours we seemed to Converse aimlessly and countdown the minutes til chow time.

Things seemed so desolate and my belly became my brain, why must I starve myself. As we head to

to Saint Paul in anticipation of our friendgiving we arrive.

I do believe that the 2012  Friendsgiving was a huge success. Over the past couple years these people have become

my family and I thank Ben for setting up the event. I thank Xavier and housemates for letting us party

at their house. Everyone had a special dish to add to the huge meal. I want to apologize for the group photo

I had taken, I think I was very careless as my stomach was screaming for food. I thought of stitching these

together but as I reviewed the photos it was better to see everyone in random pose and candid mode

as I gave no direction as to what was going on. I love all these folks and as I said it was a success

because we made it happen. Cheers


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