Dosh + M.J. DeathSquad + Cedar CC

It was a magically night as guests arrived to Dosh’s annual December show. As ambient music playing amongst the crowd which threw me off a bit as I didn’t realize what was going on. Shows that seem to throw you off like this make it feel less of a separation for you and the band. More venues should look into this as it builds quite an atmosphere for observation to what these musicians are playing. As Marijuana Deathsquad take the stage/floor the patient audience joined in on the bands instant groove. The mix of vocals, drums samples seemed to flow in and out of chaos which set up quite an excited vibe. Then Dosh took the stage and layered a great mix of chilled out, almost meditative and relaxed sounds. This had to of been one of the most unique shows I have seen him play yet. Mentioning later on that it was most of the new stuff he has been working on. At the end of his set he acknowledged the sad day in the country and had some heartfelt things to the say as the crowd cheered him on. Lastly, I would like to touch on the visuals for the show. Matt VisionQuest provided some superb backgrounds that added to the nuance of the show. Anyways until next time, here are some photos.

D_MD_CCC_0001 D_MD_CCC_0003 D_MD_CCC_0002

D_MD_CCC_0004 D_MD_CCC_0006 D_MD_CCC_0008D_MD_CCC_0019

D_MD_CCC_0010 D_MD_CCC_0015 D_MD_CCC_0014 D_MD_CCC_0013 D_MD_CCC_0012 D_MD_CCC_0011

D_MD_CCC_0017 D_MD_CCC_0016