Reservation Basketball: St. Labre vs. Busby

If you were to ask me about growing up on the reservation, basketball would play a huge factor into that conversation. Rez ball as we call it brings other native communities, families and past generation ball players to one venue across Montana. This game featuring Saint Labre vs. Busby(Rank #1 in division) speaks specifically to my heart as I have been gone from the reservation and my family over the years. Taylor and Joree Lafrance are my two nieces and I am grateful to see them acquiring their passion for this sport. What a present to show up in Montana at this tribal school rivalry. As Crow natives occupy a good percentage of Saint Labre Missions roster and Busbys Northern Cheyenne inhabited team. Both team harboring cousins, brothers and sisters of mine it is gets harder to choose which side. Basketball on the reservation surrounds a huge concern as to how, us, as a community get the word out about these games. I asked a guy who had been filming these amazing girls if he had it uploaded stuff online or youtube. If that were the case I would definitely view these games on a consistent basis. Not only would it fulfill my enjoyment to see my family members grow in this sport, but also an online venue to open up opportunities for young athletes, videographers and documentation on the reservation. You never know who could be watching. For more info. or picture contact my at cheers.