Portraits: Artists and Travelers



My first portrait session is with my good buddy John Peters. He is a Musician/Recording engineer/Producer Who grew up in South Dakota. Peters studied at Mcnally smith and works with various artists from around the city. I have the great pleasure of getting to know this individual very well. These portraits by the way are just some test shots that had made there way through my workflow and I thought I would show some stuff I’ve been working on lately.


The second Portrait is of my biggest influence as a artist and it is my Uncle Bentley Spang. Bentley has done alot to pave the way for other Native American Artists and I had the benefit of experiencing his accomplishments throught out my childhood. At times as a struggling artist he was my roommate and also he was another father to me as I grow in my progress as a visual artist. With this portrait I had set it up in about 3 minutes to show him my equipment and snapped off a couple test shots and didn’t realize how good they came out. Anyways, More info. on my uncle at his newly published wikipedia site http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bently_Spang





Last but not least is my sisters bf/great friend Dustin Ruth. Over the years Dustin has been a great addition to our family and on my recent trip back to Montana he had joined us and met our whole family. While at twilight, we ventured out to this hill by my grandmothers house and I set up a strobe to counter the amazing sky display. What makes Dustin a great addition is his initiative to join in on projects like this and the rest of us as we experiment. As the sun set, I thought it would be fun to try out a lunar concept with such a desolate area it gave us room to act out a zero gravity environment. As these were only test shots I had a wonderful time with my subjects and hope continue this journey.  Cheers


4 thoughts on “Portraits: Artists and Travelers

  1. You make me a very proud mother, Zane! You have grown so much and achieving all that life is throwing at you. Always take it one day at a time and all your dreams with always come true for you. Never stop dreaming and reaching for those stars in your photos!!! Love you my awesome son!

  2. Amazing work Zane! You are a very talented photographer! As a wedding planner, I would love to work with you someday 🙂

  3. You My Son are the best, proud only begins to describe the way I feel about you. Your talents are many and they run deep, I am always amazed at the things you do and how you do them with integrity and respect, it comes through in your pictures and your words. I cannot wait to see whats next, because whats now is amazing. Thank you for sharing your life and your talents with us.

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