Sure Dude: Growing my Business

So this video that I post today is a remains of inspiration from a Chase Jarvis blog post sometime last week. As the usual scope of photography knowledge through the internet grazes each minute and my occasional fluster of what the hell am I doing comes into play. I find a light of progression the with advance to my next project. Thinking my latest gear isn’t up to par with whatever someone else is using seems to become such a waste of time and my excuses for not shooting seems to hang in my rear view. I have the tools but I am not utilizing them as I should. A moment of clarity surpassed me as I saw this video on investing in my business:

As I reviewed the video and thought about it. Opportunities instantly arose as my resources are always right in front of me. I didn’t have the right sd cards to withstand the buffering to the camera with cheaper cards, so I ended up booking some quick events that got me to purchase the higher speed cards to get the job done. The answer has been there all along for growing my business but it was managing that extra effort to figure out my necessities. This past week has been a shooting frenzy as the fussiness of being trapped indoors from the winter months gave me time to test on some color grading options through vsco film. Within hours my troubleshooting was well on its way and here is one of many upcoming videos from this week.

A simple upgrade in shooting equipment for my hdslr made it possible to add on to my reel. The thing is this, it doesn’t take a lot of expensive equipment to shoot something beautiful. Utilize the benefits of what you have. I love the idea of the goal of my business(just watch the ask ramit video) I’d like to see some more vsco video out there if you have any suggestions.