Powderhorn 24 – Race day Preparation

It’s always good to go through everything and double check if you need anything. This is my first race so I thought some electrolyte supplements and big shot chew should help calorie intake during my ride. The butt cream is essential from what I hear and thought to scoop that up. I’ve got a decent trailmix of brazilian nuts, goji berries, sunflower seeds and Clif bars to eat while on the bike. I got the gopro to shoot some quick photos and video if need be. I’m sure the sunrise will be quite uplifting. Also needed some basic repair kits and inner tubes and I forgot to include my bike pump in the photo I’m sure I’ll pop a couple of these bad boys. Most important is my manifest, apparently if I lose this I’m screwed. As the hours lead up I find myself fairly impatient, but it’s good to spend the last few hour going over the last bit of inventory. See you out there.