Angry Catfish

If you know anything about the twin cities coffee scene, you will find that coffee is a high priority among our coffee drinkers . Should I care how it among the rest of the nation and perhaps biased polls of where we stand? I do accept the fact that we have a coffee community and  it is grow ever so slightly. On my day off last week I opened a text about a local barista throw down at Angry Catfish, 9pm sharp. Anyways, I had missed a few competitions recently due to work and my crazy coffee boss had always represented and has gained a lot of popularity. As I arrived to capture a couple of photos and check out the cupping for Kick a Poo which is a Wisconsin based roastery. I am a true fan of natural seeding and am a huge fan of their brew. As things started to calm down I had yet to sign up or even think about it either. Before I knew it my boss shows up throws down $5 dollars and told me I was competing. At this point I felt very nervous as I had never competed and knew that I had a limited chance as Josh Taves walked in with last years trophy. On the other hand I knew in the end I would have regretted my decision not to compete. It was a lovely night as the highly energized organizers, waved in viewers and as those on lookers filled up their beers. Time stood still in this little coffee /bike shop and friends, baristas, artists and bikers rooted for their favorite froth building, espresso dialing companions. In the end Josh Taves had reclaimed his title and the 2nd placer had tried using the trophy for his latte art. It was looking great til he went for the top cup and splashed everywhere winning the award for ugliest cup of coffee. Most of the people had never been to a barista comp but were very interested in attending the next as am I. Here are so photos to highlight the evening.

Additional Credit to France Barbeau ( at least the photos taken of myself)

BC_ZSS_001 BC_ZSS_002 BC_ZSS_003 (1) BC_ZSS_003 BC_ZSS_004 BC_ZSS_005 BC_ZSS_006 BC_ZSS_007 (1) BC_ZSS_007 BC_ZSS_008 (1) BC_ZSS_010 (1) BC_ZSS_010 BC_ZSS_011 BC_ZSS_012 BC_ZSS_013 BC_ZSS_014 (1) BC_ZSS_015 BC_ZSS_016 BC_ZSS_017 BC_ZSS_018 (1) BC_ZSS_019


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