I’d Rather Be a Messenger

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Mess Media

I began collecting and researching articles about bike messengers in 1993. One of the first articles I found on microfiche at the Toronto reference library was by Jack Kuglemass from 1981 in Natural History Magazine. 

The copy I was able to print out was of very poor quality so I was never able to transcribe it and put it up. I have been searching for it to be available publicly online for the last 20 years. It’s finally up.

I still think this is probably the best article ever written about bike messengers.

Kuglemass also appears in the National Geographic Explorer documentary on bike messengers entitled “Big City Bike Messengers”

I’d Rather Be a Messenger

New York City’s bicycle messengers prefer the independence
and excitement of dodging traffic to the routine of a nine-to-five job.

By Jack M. Kugelmass

Natural History, August 1981


I’m speeding across town, weaving in and…

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