Sometimes Optimism is All We Have Left….

Photo by Zane Spang/Sure Dude © 2013

Lost for muse

Where had you gone

I’m fading for your return

It felt long while it lasted

Passive appetite feeds my shivers

I erected my last grasps for gas

Reflected to turn this page

As I might read about your hungry lips

Suffocate in my needless need for comfort

Blessings felt in the back of my throat

Breeding toward the roof of my mouth

As I push forward for


I hope to fall from my reference point

My ties tied

My crooked crooks

Held high as I can be

To take a gesture back and to the side

You will be there

As I will be there
 Time is all we have between us

I have it written on my arms

This distance will be wrapped around you completely

Minneapolis 2013


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