Finding Ourselves: Looking back to now

As I sift through photos of the past year I couldn’t help but ponder about how much of an impact the bike community has had on me. I remember the first alley cat race I had attended and felt I had an invisible cloak on. As my journey of documenting this scene, seems to help later on as my curiosity and innocence had put me in the right place. So, Looking at this photo I realized that all these people are real and true friends from now on. I had been embraced with such knowledge and love of what this group had to offer. This photo had been sought after when a dear friend of mine saw a print of this specific day and ask if I could share a few words.

If there is anything I have seen the most in Minneapolis the past few months is camaraderie. This community formed a bond that I have not seen anywhere else. Shaina Briscoe,  last July, had suffered critical injuries moments after this photo was taken.  I did not have any experiences with  Briscoe, but I have gained an amazing perspective on this person. Throughout the months friends and bike enthusiasts held many events to fund raise money for Shaina’s medical costs. The state of her injuries resulted in a coma and those who could offer mural support did what they could. I was astounded as the effects of this beautiful and soulful person touched people’s lives. Each race I caught moments of friends holding back tears as they were not having the privilege of Shainas uplifting character attending these events, but her essence was very present.  The only picture I could find is her smiling while anticipating the start of the alley cat. I thought I would share this moment with everyone and even though I don’t really know Shaina I am glad to have witnessed amazing people caring for one another. I have about a week left in Minneapolis and viewing this image has set the catalyst for what I have felt in this city. I love you and goodnight.Shaina Briscoe. (Photo by Zane Spang/Sure Dude © 2013)


4 thoughts on “Finding Ourselves: Looking back to now

  1. I never got the chance to meet Shaina. This is such a great post Zane. I barely got to know you for a brief time and Im sad that you’re leaving. I hope our paths will cross again in the future. From what I’ve seen you’re simply an amazing person and your writing and photos are both so simple yet hold so much emotion and meaning. This post makes me want to cry and Im trying so hard to hold back tears while typing this.

  2. This picture hit me pretty bad this week. In a good way?

    Shaina, this is going to sound weird – but – I have the most vivid memory of our arms brushing up against eachother.

    I miss you.

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